How the E-Commerce Boom Will Impact Label Providers


How the E-Commerce Boom Will Impact Label Providers

The E-Commerce Impact on Label Providers

In the digital world, we live in today, consumer purchasing patterns are shifting and impacting how label and packaging providers meet the needs of e-commerce consumers. According to Digital Commerce 360, online sales are predicted to hit $3.46 trillion from consumers worldwide. This would be a 17.9% year-over-year growth from 2018.

To accommodate the demand from e-commerce consumers, brand manufacturers and retailers must adapt to satisfy and improve the customer experience. An integral part of the customer experience includes the overall packaging of the product, but often, it starts long before the unboxing of the product. When a consumer places an order online, the order is accepted and processed, picked from the warehouse and shipped directly to the consumer’s home. Online shoppers have become accustomed to quick fulfillment, fast ship times, and easy return processes.

Impact on the Distribution and Fulfillment Process

Brick and mortar stores used to order palettes of product to be shipped directly to the store to be marketed. The orders were usually based on inventory replenishment systems that could predict shopping habits. Now, through e-commerce, individual products are shipped from the warehouse directly to the consumer’s front porch. For distribution and fulfillment centers, this means processes need to adapt to be efficient, accurate and speedy.

To keep up with increasing e-commerce demands – i.e. rising inventory volumes and immediate order fulfillment – having the correct labeling and signage is very important for each stage of the e-commerce supply chain. It not only helps with streamlining and accelerating the process, but also inventory management, packaging speed, brand control, and overall effectiveness.

Label Solutions

Find the right product packaging and label solutions for your business.  Here are a few options to consider:

  • Integrated Labels – Integrated label forms are ideal for multi-function applications. These labels streamline operations by having both items on the same sheet, saving space, reducing shipping errors and making it easier to ship products. In addition, these labels can also feature a return shipping label with a packing slip, so the consumer can easily make a return or exchange.
  • Magnetic Labels – These durable, magnetic labels adhere to metal surfaces and can easily be removed or relocated, making it an efficient solution for inventory control across metal storage racks, shelves, and bins.
  • Custom Labels – Some of our most common custom applications are product and package identification labeling, shipping, shelf marking, LPN labels for fulfillment and distribution centers, prescription labeling, appliance, and electronic labeling, and chemical labeling.
  • Security Labels – To better protect your brand and products, the use of security labels help reduce risk from counterfeiting, tampering, and diversion. Our brand security label solutions are 100% custom to ensure your customer’s products are properly protected to reduce or eliminate risk.


Looking for ways to leverage your e-commerce potential?

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