New Inkjet Stock Portfolio: One Label Fits Many Applications


New Inkjet Stock Portfolio: One Label Fits Many Applications

I.D. Images is proud to announce that we are greatly expanding our inkjet media offering, and are now an Epson® Partner and distributor of Epson ColorWorks™ inkjet printers, service plans, and consumables.

Adding to our broad label portfolio, I.D. Images is now a one-stop shop for inkjet label solutions, offering dependable, commercial, and industrial inkjet printing with fast-drying, durable color inks, as well as a stock and made-to-order label program on a variety of media types.

Many businesses lack the latest color printing technology and are manually adding color to labels by using highlighters or color stickers, in addition to their black-and-white, usually thermally printed labels. Epson’s inkjet printers offer the ability to print one label with both data and color, and reduce the amount of physical labor, only requiring one label to be applied.

I.D. Images Inkjet Label/Media Portfolio

At I.D. Images, we have grown our inventory to ensure you have the right label solutions needed for your business. We have added to our portfolio a broader range of high-quality, EPSON-compatible label media for common industry applications such as fresh food labels, drum labels, promotional labels, and others. Choose from our stock premium matte paper, high gloss paper, semi-gloss paper, or 3.5 Mil matte synthetic products that are offered on 2” and 3” cores as well as fanfold options.

Our stock inkjet materials use lower-temperature adhesives to withstand application temperatures below freezing and perform at over 200°F for a wider range of applications with one product, as compared to the materials widely used today. In addition, we have custom and made-to-order options to ensure you find the best solution for your application with competitive lead times. Improve your label inventory management using blank labels, and improve the look, durability, and flexibility to add color as needed at a more comparable cost than before.

I.D. Images Inkjet Printing Portfolio

I.D. Images offers Epson ColorWorks product line, showcasing solutions that use cost-effective technology to help businesses increase productivity while reducing costs associated with larger runs and inventory of pre-printed labels. Our inkjet capabilities allow you the option of ordering the number of labels you need. With inkjet, we use blank label sheets that can be printed with any design right when you need it. That way, you will not have to worry about the extra pre-printed labels taking up space in your warehouse with a chance of not being used.

I.D. Images offers a full range of Epson ColorWorks printers to meet your customer’s unique needs, including the new C6000 series – featuring affordable, easy-to-use, high-quality printers. The ColorWorks C6000 series is the first inkjet printer line specifically designed for a color upgrade to thermal labels. This series features exceptional image quality up to 1200 DPI, seamless integration, remote management, and fast time to first print, on which the content and images can be customized for each label. It also uses water-based pigment ink, which is exceptionally durable and versatile.

Benefits of I.D. Images On-Demand Inkjet Color Label Portfolio

As color continues to become the preferred option, there are many benefits to the ColorWorks printers such as accuracy, cost, and efficiency.

  • Accuracy – Using the Epson ColorWorks printers will allow your customers to easily find what they need and can help warehouse employees better manage label and product inventory by color-coding items.

  • Cost – The ColorWorks printers help reduce costs related to custom preprints, error reduction, and elimination of excess scrap due to design changes, using blank labels.

  • Efficiency – The printers are easy to use, allow on-site label customization and flexibility, and allow variable information printing capabilities in color.

Common inkjet printing solutions for label applications include food & beverage, warehouse racks, industrial chemical, and drum labeling, variable packaging labels, automotive labels, shipping and logistics, warehouse labels, and many more.

Let us help you choose the best products to fit your customer’s individual needs.

To learn more about our Inkjet portfolio or to obtain a copy of our product catalog, contact one of our representatives at or 866-516-7300.