Key Label Applications During COVID-19


Key Label Applications During COVID-19

In the era of COVID-19, businesses and consumers around the world are doing their part to help reduce the spread of the virus and minimize the impact it has on businesses and the general population.  Following the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for innovative label technology increased. Demand for new technology such as tamper-evident seals on to-go food orders, directional floor labels, and warning/informational signs has spiked in order to facilitate a safe environment for grocery stores, manufacturing plants, restaurants, and more.

At I.D. Images, our custom label products and technology offerings, including security and tamper-evident labels can meet your business needs amid the coronavirus pandemic. Some of our new custom capabilities offer on-demand color direct thermal imaging without the use of ink, ribbons, or chemicals. We’ll work with you from concept to delivery to ensure your customers get the products they need, safely.

Here are five label applications we are seeing in high demand during the pandemic:

The Top 5 Label Applications Requests During COVID-19

1. Warning/Instructional Labels

  • Among the most popular labels for businesses including grocery stores, healthcare facilities, and restaurants, are information labels, warning labels, and security labels. These labels are essential for providing employees and consumers the information they need to stay safe and the security of a product or shipment or to avoid tampering. Examples include visual reminders of best hygiene practices like washing hands and covering coughs as well as leading pizza companies using a branded security label to seal the box closed during delivery.

2. Testing Kit Labels

  • With thousands of drive-up coronavirus testing facilities popping up around the country, readable and traceable label technology is critical for testing kits. This includes the labeling on the kit itself as well as the transportation of testing samples from the sites to diagnostic facilities. It is crucial to take every precaution and follow the appropriate test shipping guidelines to avoid “false negative” test results.

3. Floor Signs and Labels

  • In an effort to promote social distancing, you may have seen floor signage and labels in stores marking the recommended distance of six feet. Ensure everyone in your customers’ facilities know what they can do to combat the spread of the virus and maintain best practices by utilizing labels in the workplace.

4. Plexiglass Divider Labels

  • Plexiglass dividers are another social distancing tool businesses are using to ensure safety for employees and consumers. Self-adhesive labels on the plexiglass are quick and easy to inform customers of social distancing measures or changes to the business hours or policies.

5. Hand Sanitizer Labels

  • With the increased demand for hand sanitizer and cleaning products such as rubbing alcohol, sanitization products, and bleach wipes, businesses are ramping up their sanitizer production or switching gears to create their own sanitizing solutions. With the ever-growing risk of spreading the virus, both internally and outside of healthcare facilities, there is a dramatic increase in the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and sophisticated label technology.

COVID-19 Label Solutions for Your Business Needs

Don’t run out of labels – let us help make sure your customers meet the increased demand and emergency orders for their products.

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