Top Questions for Finding the Right Label Solution


Top Questions for Finding the Right Label Solution


If your company deals with packaging, printing products or janitorial supplies, labels may only be a small portion of your overall sales. Although labels are just a piece of the total package, they are still vital to your customer and the end consumer.


Labels convey important information about a product or package to consumers, warehousing technology and employees. It’s one of the first things a consumer sees when shopping in a store and it determines where a product or package ends up in a warehouse or distribution center.


I.D. Images is your dedicated label partner and we are here to help you find the right label solution for any application. Below are some of the most important questions to ask your customer when trying to find the best label solution.


Basic label characteristics

  • What material is the customer looking for?
    • (Thermal Transfer, Direct Thermal, Laser, Integrated, Film, Other)
  • What kind of adhesive?
    • (Permanent, Removable, Freezer, Other)
  • What kind of color(s) and how many?
    • (Blank, Floodcoat, Spot-Color)
  • Will the labels be in rolls, sheets, fanfold or pinfeed?
  • If in rolls, what core size and how many labels per roll?
  • Perforation or no perforation?
  • What quantity is needed?


  • What type of substrate do you intend to label? What is the label going on?
    • There are a wide variety of substrate compositions that react differently to adhesive types.
  • Is the substrate flat or curved?
    • Regardless of the adhesive strength, it is virtually impossible for an adhesive to overcome continuous stress without the right face stock (conformable).
  • Is the substrate texture smooth or rough?
    • Shape and texture present additional challenges for adhesives because less surface contact results in a smaller bonding area and lower adhesion levels.


Application and environment

What environment or conditions will the label be used in?

  • Will the surface be clean or dusty?
  • Will the surface be dry or moist?
  • Will the surface be rough or smooth, curved or flat?
  • Will the surface be affected by heat or cold?

The presence of certain environmental conditions or contamination can affect how the label adheres to the substrate. We always recommend testing the label in your customer’s end-use environment before completing an entire run.



Looking to learn more about finding the right label solution for your customers?

Reach out to one of our representatives for label training at or 866-516-7300. We will walk you through the basics of labeling and answer any questions you may have. You can also visit our Education tab on our website for additional learning and sales tools. Use our Label Quote Request sheet for your next label opportunity.